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Who We Are

The Teach Rural Foundation is a grass roots non-profit organization dedicated to helping fill the rural school teacher shortage. We are passionate about providing educational opportunities to rural communities and strive to give these students the same level of education as urban areas. 

Our mission is to provide financial support to rural teaching candidates, as well as current rural teachers.  Through our higher ed partnerships, we also provide mentorship and financial support  for aspiring rural educators. Through our efforts, we are helping to ensure that these communities have access to the best education possible. 


What We Do

The Teach Rural Foundation works to bring quality education and teachers to rural areas. We are passionate about providing a quality education to rural communities and strive to ensure that their students get the best education possible.

To achieve our goals, we obtain funding through various means such as donations and fundraising events, as well as through state and federal grants.  Through our fundraising efforts we are able offer signing bonuses to teaching candidates in high needs positions for rural school systems.  For the foreseeable future, our sole rural schools partner will be  the Laurel School District in Laurel, DE, a town that ranks as Delaware's poorest. Over the next few years, we hope to expand our reach and assist more rural school systems and their students.  


Why We Do It

At Teach Rural Foundation, our mission is to bridge the teacher gap for rural students in America.  We believe that rural students shouldn’t have to go without the same quality of education due to their location.  

Our objective is to bring awareness to why recruiting teachers to rural school systems is important, and how rural students are disproportionately impacted by the teaching shortage.


We understand the unique challenges that rural students face, and our team works to ensure that rural students have access to the same educational opportunities as those in urban areas.


We believe that with a team effort, we can all help cultivate a difference in the lives of rural students.  

All Hands In


the Team


a Difference

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Alternative Routes to Certification

In addition to recruiting highly qualified teachers to high-needs rural school systems, The Teach Rural Foundation also recruits recent college graduates of all majors and career interests, as well as working professionals, to join its mission to cultivate  a difference in rural students lives.  Recent college graduates without teaching degrees and working professionals who are interested in a career change, may enter the teaching profession through Delaware's Alternative Routes to Certification program (ARTC). 


ARTC programs are state-approved alternative routes to teacher licensure and certification.  Alternative routes provide special pathways that can enable candidates to be hired as salaried, full-time public-school teachers while they work towards satisfying all the academic and fieldwork requirements required for standard licenses and/or certification.  


These pathways are primarily designed to fill teaching positions commonly referred to by the state as “critical needs” areas, where there are often serious teacher shortages.  Examples include mathematics and science teachers, teachers of English language learners, and teachers of students with exceptional needs.  

Through its partnership with Wilmington University and The Laurel School District, Teach Rural Fellows (ARTC candidates) would enjoy many benefits while working toward their certification.  If this interests you, click on the link to email Teach Rural today!

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